Once you have followed the  Google analytics setup doc, you are ready to start tacking your conversion inside of Google analytics using the following method:

Google analytics has a feature called “goals” (You can find it in the admin area: View column, then the 3rd item down called “Goals” See picture below)


Once you click there, you’ll be taken to a new page where you can create your goals:


If you click on the red “+ New Goal” button, you can then create a goal.

The way you’ll proceed is to mark step 1 as “custom” and then continue.


Then in step 2 give the goal a name and then for “type” make it a “destination” then click “continue”


In the example above we will be tracking the effectiveness of the “Smartform” installations. Finally in step 3 for the “Goal details” we will outline what the destination that we are tracking should be (smartform and lightbox will both need to be set as pictured below to – /proposal/ )

Then you will want to turn on the “funnel” option to make sure you are counting how many people are coming through the Smartform or lightbox.

  • In the smartform you will set the screen/page to: /Form/iframeForm/
  • In the lightbox you will set the screen/page to: /Form/lightbox/

Be sure to set these funnel pages to “required”. Below is the example of the Smartform Goal Details:


Finally make sure that you build similar rules for both the smarform and lightbox only changing the Goal details funnel’s Screen/Page input as explained above. When you are done, it should look like this in your goals area:


You should have 2 goals (if you plan to use both the smartform and lightbox) and after setting it up you’ll start with 0 Past 7 day conversions. This will help you to look in your overview at conversions for Petfenceology in your Google analytics account.