Getting Started

Setting up your Modules in the Services Area

Video notes: See how to work with modules: Understand the differences between active and inactive modules – How to turn modules off and on. Understand the differences between a module and a bidding style – Some modules have multiple bidding styles. Learn how to change a module name. Setup a module bidding style: Step 1 […]

Automate Your Follow Up Process

The follow up builder is a super powerful tool that will allow you to automate your follow up system and create highly personalized workflows that make sure your prospects don’t fall through the cracks!

Welcome Video & Quick Setup Tips

Check out the video that gives you the fast-start method of getting your account up and running. The suggested order of things to accomplish: Administrator Setup your timezone company name & info Default start times and arrival windows for jobs Company Profile Create company users Upload company logo / headshot Setup proposal success options Set […]

Step 1 of setting up a service module

Start at Settings > Services to access your active & inactive modules. Find the  module you would like to edit. It may be active or inactive, but by clicking on the name of the module next to the green “+” button, you will enter the edit mode of the module. Step 1: Nickname and description: […]

Warning: Changing the meaning of a Leadsource, Service Area, or Service Factor

In this video you will learn the hazards of changing the meaning of a leadsource, service area, or service factor. You can change what it says, but you definitely don’t want to change what it means! In this video you will learn the hazards of changing the meaning of a leadsource, service area, or service factor. […]

Daily Digest Overview

See our video on how the daily digest works and why you want to use it.

Using the search feature

You can quickly search for a person or bid in 3 ways: In the sidebar menu once logged into Petfenceology you can click on the search bar. As you type in the first or last name of the person you are looking for Petfenceology will search in real-time for the person and you can use […]

Form Builder: Leadsources

This is a really critical part of Petfenceology to get setup because it does so much for you in the background. Most reports that Petfenceology builds will incorporate in some way how much work your different lead sources are bringing you. So, go to Settings > Form Builder and then to the Lead Generation menu […]

Form Builder: Setting up service areas

You are going to need to tell Petfenceology what cities you service. By default Petfenceology has the city City, State (example) but you will need to load in your own. Ninja Tip: Make sure that if you decide to enter in city and states (or provinces) in manually that you always use [City Name][comma][space][State or […]

Form Builder: General Info

Collecting General Data This is where you tell Petfenceology what information you want to make available for the customer to enter. You can also require some information. Note: You cannot require a piece of information that you are not requesting. If you save it, it will look like it saved that way, but when you refresh the […]