Creating a Bid

Original Bid vs Last Recalculation

If you look in the top of the “Services Requested” area of the customer profile you will notice the top line says “Bid Date:” and then a date that is a link you can click to see their original proposal generated by Petfenceology. As we all know bids sometimes need to be changed, so if […]

How To Manually Adjust A Bid In PetFenceology

Sometimes you will need to adjust a bid even though the calculations were done perfectly. It might be for a special circumstance for a customer, or it might be something that you need to account for on a job that wouldn’t be the norm. It could be offering the customer a discount. In any event, […]

Automate Your Up-sells For Every New Proposal

Is this video learn how to: 1. Up-sell your favorite products and services every time you give a new bid. 2. Add videos that explain the products/services that you are upselling

Warning: Changing the meaning of a Leadsource, Service Area, or Service Factor

In this video you will learn the hazards of changing the meaning of a leadsource, service area, or service factor. You can change what it says, but you definitely don’t want to change what it means! In this video you will learn the hazards of changing the meaning of a leadsource, service area, or service factor. […]

Editing Customer Information

In the top, left box you will find the customer information such as name, address, and other general information. To edit the information, simply click any of the items with a blue dashed line under it and a pop-up will come up allowing you to edit that field. Special popups: Email address- when you get to […]

Adding a service to an existing bid

From within the customer profile you can either click on the “Add service button” and get the menu to allow you to select custom items like this: Or you can click on the “Edit in Call Screen” button and then choose the “custom items” check box under the “select services” accordion. From here you will […]

Seeing where a bid originated

This area of the services requested (found at the bottom of this section in the customer profile) will tell you what page the bid came from. If the smart form or lightbox is installed on pages of your website or other places, you will be able to tell what page the person was on when […]

Using the search feature

You can quickly search for a person or bid in 3 ways: In the sidebar menu once logged into Petfenceology you can click on the search bar. As you type in the first or last name of the person you are looking for Petfenceology will search in real-time for the person and you can use […]

How do price changes get handled in PetFenceology?

Petfenceology is a really neat system because when you make one change it can keep a lot of stuff up to date because of it’s cloud-based nature. However, we believe there are some things the Petfenceology should not automatically update for you. So here is a breakdown of what happens when you change your prices: Once you […]