Using Videos in your Bids and Proposals

There are 4 types of videos you can integrate is video is one of the 4 kinds of video that you can place in your Petfenceology bidding process: The “Introductory Sales Video” (Settings > Form Builder – Premium accounts only) can only be inserted one time and it comes at the beginning of the bidding […]

Original Bid vs Last Recalculation

If you look in the top of the “Services Requested” area of the customer profile you will notice the top line says “Bid Date:” and then a date that is a link you can click to see their original proposal generated by Petfenceology. As we all know bids sometimes need to be changed, so if […]

Automate Your Up-sells For Every New Proposal

Is this video learn how to: 1. Up-sell your favorite products and services every time you give a new bid. 2. Add videos that explain the products/services that you are upselling

Automate Your Follow Up Process

The follow up builder is a super powerful tool that will allow you to automate your follow up system and create highly personalized workflows that make sure your prospects don’t fall through the cracks!

Sending an email to a customer from the customer profile

To send an email to a customer from the customer profile, simply click on the envelope icon next to the email address in the customer information area. Your computer or mobile device will use the email service set as your default sending mechanism. This will work on a mobile device or a desktop/laptop computer. Cool ninja trick!

Explicit Opt-in

This is determined every time a bid is run from your website or submitted through the call screen. If you have this feature turned on (Settings > Follow-up Builder – Bottom of the page) you and the customer will be prompted before submitting any bid through the website or call screen to answer if it’s […]

Manually sending a client proposal link

Learn how Petfenceology handles the client proposal link and how you can go about manually sending that link to the customer however you like after you’ve made edits.